How do I get more confident with my readings?

It took me ten years to read without my book. Even then, the only reason I stopped reading with it is because I fuckin’ forgot it. BUT if I hadn’t forgotten it, I wouldn’t have developed the confidence to read folks without it until much later. It’s difficult to state that you can do this, you know?

You’re sitting in front of someone, asking them to trust what you have to say about their life. That’s hard.

The thing is, it’s SUPPOSED to be hard. But I’ve got some advice for you.

This is someone’s life. You can’t wing it.

The best way to believe in yourself and your readings is to practice. A lot. Practice all the time. Read for everyone (in exchange for something, right? You’re not reading for free, right?)

The best way to build confidence is to use your cards. Read lots of books. Visit many websites. Practice, practice, practice. And then practice some more. 

You will not become a tarot master in a matter of months. You will not know all that you need to know about cards in a matter of years. You will ALWAYS be learning. You will constantly improve. 

Your confidence will only grow and grow as you gain more experience. Just start small and keep studying. You’ll get it. I believe in you. 🙂


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