Gratitude in all things, no picking and choosing and Let Love Radiate. – Jill Campana

 Bucket o'sass and magic right here.
Bucket o’sass and magic right here.

One of the things I’ve enjoyed the most about having the book published is that people let me know what they think of it. I’ve gotten the nicest emails and facebook messages from folks, and it’s been really wonderful.

One of those connections was with Jill Campana, a fellow Missouri girl (who lives in Wisconsin) who was also carried away by the cards. She wrote me a lovely email and told me about her amazing and fascinating life. She’s owns a company with her husband, and is a Black Belt Nia Practitioner, Awakening the Tarot Facilitator, Reiki Master Teacher, Meditation Facilitator, Chakradance Workshop Facilitator, and she calls herself a “newbie” tarot reader. I love it when people underestimate themselves. Taking tarot into dance is something that has always inspired me. My friend, Jennifer Lucero-Earle introduced me to the idea of Nia Dance and Embodied Tarot. Right after meeting Jennifer, I heard from Jill. I love it when the Universe is subtle.  You can find Jill at the following links, and learn more about her below.

Jill – thanks for reaching out and making me part of your Tribe!

xoxo Lis

LFT Questionnaire


What I appreciate the most in my friends: That they chose me as their friend; loyalty; creativity; acceptance My idea of happiness: It’s fleeting if I look for it or expect it.

For me happiness is part of the journey, not a destination to reach. It’s also a state of mind. My idea of misery: it loves company, much like negativity — start the ball rolling and those who aren’t anchored in knowing who they are will attach themselves for lack of anything better to do. I don’t know that I can remember the last time I was aware or knew misery — other than having the flu and “feeling miserable” physically. And like happiness, is a state of mind.

My favorite colors and flowers: purple and teal are my favorite colors, although I mostly wear black or shades of gray. Up until 3 years ago (and for 30 years) I colored my hair shades of red, but wouldn’t ever wear any red since it seemed to clash IMHO. Now my hair is shades of silver and gray so I’m beginning to appreciate wearing the color red. I’m not sure I have a favorite flower…I love them all — if I were to have to pick one, I’d say iris, but I love basket flowers, sunflowers, snapdragons, tulips, roses…

My favorite poets: Emerson and Ogden Nash My heroes/heroines in fiction: Sansa in Game of Thrones; Bobby Axelrod in Billions; Wolverine from X-Men; Katnis from Hunger Games. (I’m laughing as I type these names…there’s a pattern of “revenge” in these characters that I love). And then there’s Harry Potter, and Aragorn and Legolas from the Ring Trilogy.

What roles does divination play in my life: My life IS divine, so there is no “role”. It is part of who I am. I’ve learned and am continuing to learn though how to utilize my intuition, which I consider to be my divine inner voice.

Enchanted is a word I use often to describe my life.


My heroes/heroines in real life: Martin Exeter (deceased); my husband, Frank; Theresa Reed (my tarot mentor); Julie Lange; Ann Bell; Donna Tanner Blodgett.

What is my present state of mind: curious, expanding

My favorite tarot deck/divination tool: I’ve used several over the past couple of years but I now fully embrace Barbara Moore’s Gilded tarot. I started out with this one and put it down to try the Illuminati tarot deck, the Mystical Cats, Gaian, Cosmic and Chrysalis. I didn’t connect with the others like I connected with the Gilded tarot, so I’ve stuck with it. I carry one with me at all times and I have one at home. My other divination tools are Reiki, journaling and Chakradance.

My favorite songs: HA! My husband and I were just talking about this yesterday as we were driving back from Missouri. I have many, but here are some of my favorites: Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd; Hotel California by The Eagles; American Girl by Tom Petty; Torch by Bob Holroyd; Heartbreaker by Crazy P; Awakening by Vargo; Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake; Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars (I have lots more but that will do for now).

What is my favorite word: I have 3: Please, Gratitude, Forgiveness

What is my least favorite word: Can’t What sound or noise do I love: a cat’s purr

What sound or noise do I hate: snoring or anything loud and piercing

What turns me on: sunrises, sunsets, full moons, a sky full of stars, music that makes me want to move my body, a good glass of cabernet

What turns me off: BIGTIME turn offs: abuse of any kind but particularly child or animal abuse; hypocrites. SMALL TIME turn offs: snoring, chewing with one’s mouth full, buttinskies, know-it-alls

What is my favorite curse word: Fuck or Shit — I say both of them a lot, except around my husband who says neither and doesn’t appreciate that level of cursing.


If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates: I don’t think that kind of story-book Heaven exists. Heaven, in my world, is here and now. I’m either creating Heaven or creating Hell. Both are conditions that are created in the present moment, not at some later date. However, if I believed in going to heaven when I die, I would like to hear God say, “Hot damn girlfriend, you represented me well, you did your job and did it well, thank you.”

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