I read the cards intuitively with a traditional backbone -Jess

 Hey - this is Jess. She's awesome
Hey – this is Jess. She’s awesome

One of my favorite things about social media is that it has completely annihilated the vacuum in which I learned tarot. I started reading at 14, and didn’t have anyone to talk about the cards with until I was in college. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have led me to some amazing friends and wonderful new teachers. The thing that I love the most is finding new tarot readings with new perspectives to share. You can look at these cards every day, and after a while, they become like furniture. It’s only when you look with new eyes that you can continue to learn. 

Jess reached out to me after meeting on Instagram, and I just adore her view of the cards and of how to make sense of them. 

Jess filled out our little questionnaire, and I hope you follow her and get to benefit from her perspective, too!

xo Lis

LFT Questionnaire

  1. What you appreciate the most in your friends. Good laughs and being able to be myself around and with my friends is what I love the most!
  2. Your idea of happiness. It’s the simple things that make me the happiest. Relaxing in our backyard with iced coffee and tarot always puts a smile on my face.
  3. Your idea of misery. I’m quite the coffee addict so being out of coffee always leaves me feeling like I’m without air and going to die, maybe I’m a bit too dramatic?
  4. Your favorite colors and flowers. Love, love, love green and mint! My favorite flowers would have to be Passion Flowers, Peonies, and Dahlia’s… but I love any flowers I see on the side of the road while traveling.
  5. Your favorite poets. I love Jeff Tweedy (I know, not typically a poet but he wrote a book of poetry called Adult Head that I loved) – also Rupi Kuar, Amanda Lovelace, and R.H. Sin.
  6. Your heroes/heroines in fiction. My heroes/heroines include Wonder Woman, She-Ra, Daria, and Roseanne!
  7. What role does divination play in your life? A big part, I breath tarot it seems. I’m also always interpreting something, even if it’s a bird shitting on a park car or coming across a random playing card on the sidewalk… there has to be some message behind it and I like to find it. My brain seems to be running all the time (it’s for sure a Gemini thing) and tarot helps me harness that energy and put it to use.
  8. Your heroes/heroines in real life. I gotta say, Chuck Palahniuk, I adore him and everything he writes. He has been a big inspiration for me in my own life and stepping out of my shell, despite his books being a bit… off the wall, some even pretty disgusting (but awesome)!
  9. What is your present state of mind? Right now, it’s focused on these questions.. just kidding, kind of. My present state of mind is focused on being as authentic as I can be and making my own rules to follow (and break). I’ve lately been working a lot on self care and it’s been helping a ton!
  10. What is your favorite tarot deck or divination tool? Ooo… so many good ones that I love but I gotta say, Spirit Speak is a deck that I use the most and love a ton. My favorite divination tool is tarot, hands down. Though, I do work with pendulums often but don’t talk much about it.
  11. Your favorite songs? I don’t know that I have any specific favorite song but I do have a selected group of artists that I adore and listen to often – Damien Rice, Leon Bridges, Nirvana, Radiohead, and The White Stripes are to name a few.
  12. What is your favorite word? Rutabaga.. How can you not love saying that word outloud “rutabaga”.
  13. What is your least favorite word? Whatever… that word makes my eyes pop out, especially in an argument!
  14. What sound or noise do you love? Hmmm, I love the sound of rain and thunder, it really lights me up, especially when the desert monsoons roll in where I live.
  15. What sound or noise do you hate? Angry people (mostly men) yelling, doesn’t have to be at me but just around me. It makes me nervous and on edge.
  16. What turns you on? Cracking into a good book, tarot deck mail days, when my husband texts me “want me to grab you Starbucks on the way home?” – that’s hot!
  17. What turns you off? I would have to narrow my “turn off” down to a person – Donald Trump
  18. What is your favorite curse word? “Fuck”… no, “shit”… wait, no, it’s for sure “fuck”!
  19. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? “We have unlimited free iced coffee, help yourself!”

I’m Jess from Tarot Seed! I’ve been reading the cards for only about 5 years now and to be honest, I really can’t figure out how tarot came into my life. I just remember waking up one day being interested in pursuing a deck. Nothing really triggered this “need”, it just kind of happened over night literally so I would say the cards found me! I will read cards anywhere and often keep a deck on me at all times. I tend to read the cards intuitively with a traditional backbone, meaning I do keep book interpretations in mind but tend to lead with my intuition first.

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