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We need to act for the sake of a redemption that will be a mystery until it unfolds before us – Rachel Pollack

As I’ve mentioned here before, I started reading tarot cards before the internet.  I know, right?  I had one book for 12 years.  One book.  I read it and re-read it until the paper felt like cloth.

I worked in a bookstore after college, and found one whole shelf of tarot books!  I know, right?  I brought home the book “78 Degrees of Wisdom” and I don’t exaggerate when I say that it changed my life.  What was out of my reach at 15 with a very historically rich, yet esoteric and hard to research story of the cards was brought to me at 25 – just like the Hierophant reaching out – by Rachel Pollack. Her fiction is really damned good, too.  Pick up a copy of Godmother Night (because I don’t loan mine out)  🙂

I’ve often wondered how I could say thank you to her.  I’ve only been a Public Tarot Reader (TM) with a website and everything for four years.  I’ve only just begun to attend tarot conferences and truly attend to my business.  How do you thank someone who has literally made it possible for you to do what you love?

Well, circumstances have arisen that make this possible.  Ms. Pollack is going through treatment for cancer, and some lovely person has started a “Go Fund Me” for her.  I’m donating, and I wanted to share the word with as many people that I could.  In a small way, I feel like this is the redemption and chance to give gratitude where it’s due.  Here it is, unfolding before me.  Quick healing to Ms. Pollack and much love. 


xoxo – Lis

 Image borrowed from GofundMe campaign.  Also, what a great smile.
Image borrowed from GofundMe campaign.  Also, what a great smile.   —this is the link. xoxo!


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