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Queer Tarot Cards and the #TarotoftheQTPOC

If I could rewrite (IPPY Award and double COVR Award winning book whaaaaaat) Kitchen Table Tarot again, I would spend more time talking about the importance of seeing your face in the cards. Since that book was published in 2017, SO MANY decks have come out featuring all kinds of folks that are noticeably not all straight and not all white. 

So here is a list of queer decks that are available. You can also follow the hashtag started by Asali on Twitter of #tarotoftheQTPOC. This features decks with queer folks and people of color AND queer people of color.

I’m excited that tarot cards are starting to reflect the world around us, and I will continue calling out those folks who are STILL publishing #tarotsowhiteandstraight in 2019. I mean, come on, goddamnit.

The Numinous Tarot by Noel Arthur Heimpel.


 I know I already did a whole thing about this deck, but come on. Look at it.

Next World Tarot by Cristy C. Road


The punk, feminist, queer, intersectional badass deck of Cristy C. Road.

Many Queens Tarot by Lettie Jane Rennekamp


The creator of this deck, Lettie Jane Rennekamp, said, “This tarot deck was created to help define a more inclusive definition of femininity, beauty, and body image.”  It’s beautiful.

Tarot Del Fuego by Ricardo Cavolo


I legit can’t use this deck (too many eyeballs). HOWEVER, I can see the beauty in it and I know how powerful it can be in other people’s hands (not mine). Props to Ricardo Cavolo for making such a lively, fiery deck!

Slow Holler Tarot, a collaboratively illustrated deck


From their website: “Slow Holler’s tarot deck is collaboratively illustrated and imagined by over 30 artists and 4 writers who have Southern ties, identify as queer or both. The deck is a vibrant collection of illustration styles and voices, tied together by a handmade feel and process, fine level of craft, and unified color palette.”

You might have to head to eBay to pick up this lovely deck, since it’s unfortunately out of print — but it may come back! I hope so. I love it so much.

Monster Lenormand by Jess Rollar


Instead of Woman and Man, we have adorable Feminine and Masculine monsters. Go, go Jess Rollar. Her work makes me happy. 

Preorders for this deck are sold out, but hopefully she’ll have another print of them soon!

Spirit Keeper’s Tarot by Benebell Wen


Benebell Wen’s second edition is out – y’all better hurry up and order this beautiful thing.

Guided Hand Tarot by Irene Mudd


You know how you get all “I don’t like any collage decks except for the Voyager Tarot”, and then a new deck comes out that you love and now you can’t say that anymore? Yeah.

Thanks to Potter for this list!  Happy Pride and Happy shopping, guys. 🙂

A quick note:

This month, I’m raising funds for MTUG – the Missouri Trans Umbrella Group. I’m blessed in that I have friends and family members in the transgender community, and I have clients who are in all stages of transition. This position has helped me see how much impact visibility and donations have for those that I love, and those that I don’t know yet but would probably adopt and feed if I could.

I will match up to $300 in donations, and will give one Elements reading kit ($400) away to a randomly chosen winner. All you have to do is email me a receipt of donation to MTUG. I’m not going to put  dollar limit on it, because every dollar helps. Email the receipts to with the subject line “PRIDE Love”.  I’ll draw the winner on June 30th and let you know how much we’ve raised.

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