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What is the universe but a lot of waves And a craving desire is a wave…” ― Jack Kerouac

 Image by Holly Penikas
Image by Holly Penikas

I first saw the Nomad Tarot in Beth Maiden’s shop. I try to buy from Beth as often as I can, because I know that she truly adores everything in her shop, and she supports creators and writers. HOWEVER, I have a problem with non-illustrative pips. I didn’t learn tarot with one, and they somehow seem less-than my trusty RWS. 

I have found, though, in the last year, that my opinion is less ‘bunch of sticks’ and more ‘pared down beauty’. It really annoys me, though, because I can no longer harass my Marseilles friends and be a brat about it.

Anyway, this deck, the Nomad Tarot, has kind of non-illustrative pips. The feathers, moths, shells and crystals that make up the minors are all a little different, and in different arrangements. They make me curious, and I think that’s the best compliment i could give a deck.

 Image by J. Dranttel
Image by J. Dranttel

The creator is Jennifer Dranttel, and she is kickstarting the next release of this lovely thing. You can find her on instagram at @thenomadtarot, and her kickstarter is here

You can also find out more about Jennifer and her work below.

Thanks for your time, J. Can’t wait to play with this one. 

xo Lis


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