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 Lovely Rosemary
Lovely Rosemary

Rosemary Wise is one of three outstanding siblings. Her brother, Frank Andrews, has been reading tarot professionally in New York City for over 50 years. Her sister, Terry Iacuzzo, also in the City, has been reading tarot for nearly 40 years. Rosemary has been reading in her quiet corner of upstate New York quietly for almost as long.

Rosemary has a skill called psychometry. This is the ability to pick up psychic impressions from touching or seeing an object. Show Rosemary the pictures and she’ll tell you who the people are. Hand her your your watch and she’ll tell you its story – and yours. Once, a crime occurred in her neighborhood. The detectives were sent to her house by neighbors because of her gift. She started getting names from the photos, and the detectives thought that she knew the crooks and was involved. She didn’t want to work with them again because they became suspicious of her.

She never really been a professional reader– just really liked doing it. She found clients through word of mouth and worked as a volunteer at an art gallery doing fundraising. She never really had a dedicated job as a reader, but it was always a huge part of her life. She craved beauty around her. No darkness.

She would pick up psychometric readings of the artists while walking through a gallery.  She said that she’s tried to have a balanced life but the divination is always there. She sees the different layers all the time. She gets pulled into other people’s stories.  We both have experienced that oftentimes, what we tell our clients happens to us, too. Not every reading, but enough to be noteworthy.  It’s almost like a parallel life.

We also both find that we’re pulled toward people with gifts like ours. Rosemary called them Moon and Stars people.

Rosemary is currently going through treatment for cancer. She’s gone through brain hemorrhage, and an earlier bout of stage 4 cancer. She’s tenacious and optimistic and hopes to be doing readings again when she completes this round of treatment. She imagines the medicine as golden light pouring into her and uses meditation to assist her healing.

Part of why I’m a forever tarot student is because of people like Rosemary. These folks who share our paths with us. Rosemary grew up weird and quiet (and liked being called a witch!) Just like me. She found a friend in her gift and in her runes, and instead of running from her magic, she embraced it. We have always existed. We have always been here, and we will always be.

LFT Questionnaire

1.       What you appreciate the most in your friends.


2.       Your idea of happiness.

Being able to travel and having interesting weather. A lot of times when I do travel, there is often a big storm, an earthquake or a blackout.

3.       Your idea of misery.

Illness. Rosemary is going through cancer treatment currently.

4.       Your favorite colors and flowers.

Purple, all shades of blue. Peonies, roses and lilies. Star gazers

5.       Your favorite poets.

Christina Rosetti and  Alfred Noyes “The Highwayman”. Edgar Allen Poe – Annabel Lee

6.       Your heroes/heroines in fiction.

La Femme Nikita – there’s something about her. I wish I could be like that.

7.       What role does divination play in your life?

It guides me. It always has. It’s always been consistent in my life and I always receive good, sound advice through intuition. I realize that everything I look at, I see or hear a message. Everything changes what it is. I see faces and patterns. Everything becomes something else. It wasn’t overwhelming, really. The imaginary life was more interesting. I see faces in the trees, ancient gods.

One time I came upon a ring of blue butterflies – blue morphos – and they’re usually found in South America. I’m always looking for things like that. My husband was with me, so he saw it, too. I’m glad I wasn’t alone. I pay attention to the un-seeable. It’s always around us. If you know what to look for you can see.

8.       Your heroes/heroines in real life.

Joan of Arc – we went to France not too long ago. We were in her village and the chateau where she first told the king she could win the war. Abraham Lincoln – very wise.  Ben Franklin.  My husband, brother, sister and daughter, Diana.

9.       What is your present state of mind?


10.   What is your favorite tarot deck or divination tool?

I use the runes and do psychometry. I receive information when I hold objects. I also like the Visconti tarot deck. It’s golden and sparkly – just beautiful. I only do tarot for myself. I read for other people with psychometry, runes and palmistry.

11.   Your favorite songs?

I love Paris – Ella Fitzgerald

Autumn Leaves. The shadow of your smile.  Bruno Mars and Pharrell

12.   What is your favorite word?

Telemetry – receiving information from a distance. Received the word in a dream.

13.   What is your least favorite word?

Dead. I believe that everything goes into the spirit world so dead feels wrong

14.   What sound or noise do you love?

Sound of birds chirping. You don’t hear birds in the winter in Buffalo because of the cold

15.   What sound or noise do you hate?

Construction tools. High pitched whining

16.   What turns you on?

A good tv series. Just finished Dexter. Loved Breaking Bad. House of Cards

17.   What turns you off?

People who are too political and go overboard. Some folks seem like they’re going to have a stroke about it and it’s not worth it.

18.   What is your favorite curse word?


19.   If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

Hello and welcome. Your friends are here.

             **You can find out more about Rosemary in the book Small Mediums at Large by her sis, Terry.

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