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The Empress #tarot #tarotmixtapeplaylist

If the High Priestess is Persephone, the Empress is her Mama, Demeter.  Lush surroundings, flowers everywhere, stars in her lovely hair.  Can refer to pregnancy, delight, desire, sexuality, fertility and sensuality.   Bow chicka bow bow.  This lady is warm, enveloping love.  It can refer to pregnancy when it comes up in a reading, so be careful.  It also stands for fertility with finances or art.  Everything you touch grows.
A neat thing I’ve noticed after doing this for 22 years, is that this card comes up all the time during the Spring.  The first time I blogged about this card, it landed on the Equinox.  Perfect.  Anyway, people tend to get more prolific with their lives and their art – more passionate and focused – and this card reflects that.
The focus can be a problem, tho.   If that warm, enveloping love doesn’t shine gently, it will turn into a laser and burn people. Don’t be smother-y.  It becomes that cliched love that is calling your partner fifteen times a day to say, “hi”.  Dude, don’t do that.  Inverted, this card is jealousy and nastiness that comes from obsession.
The symbols are rich on this card.  The symbol for ‘female’, the pomegranates on her dress, the plush pillows behind her and in early tarot decks, she was pregnant.   Water is flowing behind her – moving water showing energy flowing out of her.  The trees are green, the sky is lovely.  The Empress is Isis, Tara, Brigid and Estsanalehi (Changing Woman).  She’s our Mother, she is the nurturer and the protector.  The romantic and the lover.  She is Lush and loving.  She is me.  She is you, too.
This song was chosen by Catherine C.   Thanks, Lady!  xo

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