High Priestess #tarot #tarotmixtapeplaylist

With the High Priestess, you know that the answers will not be easily won.  This card frustrates and fascinates me.  When I see it in a reading, I tell the client to look deeper, ask questions, trust your intuition and mind your manners.  There is a proper etiquette to asking the Universe.  You have to do your homework.  You have to show respect.  Or she just might close the curtains and send you on your way. TAROT MIX TAPE PLAYLIST SONGS!  Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac, and Pendulum Swinger by the Indigo Girls.  Mmmm- yeah.

U is for Unveiling #atozchallenge

Thanks, BP for your suggested for today’s blog.  I’d been wanting to talk about the High Priestess, but couldn’t figure out how to fit it in.  And here we go. I wrote about her here, but she’s such an interesting card, I thought I’d give it another go.   One of the things I like about the tarot is that there are a billion decks to choose from.  Some cards in the Rider Waite deck bring it on home to me, and some make me want to claw my face off out of frustration.  I can’t make any sense of the …