So, turns out, an active sedition attempt will 100% put me off my game productively . I even tried to be all like “Hey, perhaps I should ride my bike” but honestly, sitting upright has been a challenge. I’m trying to wrap my brain around the fucked up stuff that’s been going on in my country, but I just can’t. In the middle of a goddamned pandemic, that’s gone on for a really long time (wear a goddamned mask) and it’s just too much sometimes.

So I’ve spent the last few days in kind of a mental health rehab. I’m doing ok – honestly, I am. But I’ve not been on the phone, or leaving the house unless I’m with Joe. Just kind of making my world a soft safe place. I’ve never burnt so many goddamned candles.

And I have been eating – ok. I mean, we did get fast food for breakfast before grocery shopping, but it was either that or chew on my own hand for sustenance. I was super hungry. I figured the mental stress of beating myself up for only eating “right things” was worse for me than the actual hashbrown. I think I’m right, too.

So, Day 8. I moved my body today. I ate a healthy breakfast. I also ate a bunch of these yummy things from Trader Joe’s because they’re good and I felt like it.

xoxo Lis