Yesterday, I didn’t move my body because my body didn’t feel good. I lay in bed with an upset tum and allergies, berating myself for not just getting up and doing the thing. Just get on the bike! It’s ten minutes! And then I realized that I would be causing more harm than good if I did. And Joe just got me an electric blanket, so good luck getting my ass out of bed.

I also realized that I hadn’t posted yesterday, and have decided that that’s just fine, too. I know that I’m going to be imperfect, and so my expectations of self should be imperfect, as well.

Food has been less of a challenge than I expected. I’m not eating fast food – no problem – I’m a hermit and barely leave the house. The food that we have at home is healthy, so I have no choice but to eat chicken thighs and toast. And I don’t mind. It’s never been about food for me. It’s more about convenience. SO I just make sure that I eat before I leave the house and bam – healthy as all damnit.

Today’s card is the Magician, which reminds me that I have all the tools that I need to succeed. Rawr.

xo Lis