Ugh – ok. I’m doing it. I know that this isn’t the right attitude for a new year lifestyle shift, but I’m fucking tired. The corona has been running wild for nearly a year now, and I’ve got severe “give a damn” burnout.

Today was the first day of WellCynova, which is a program that I’m doing this year so I can be healthy and not use a stupid cane anymore.

Some background. I nearly died having both of my kids. With my daughter, I had diabetes insipidus, congestive heart failure and pulmonary edema. After her birth, my asthma got really bad. With my son, I had kidney and liver failure, pregnancy related tachycardia, and sepsis like 7-8 times.

So after they were born, the kidney problems continued with kidney stones every month or so for 12 years, causing my back to hurt all the time. Plus, asthma. So I just became less and less active until things like “Standing” and “Walking around” became super hard. I know that being a stack of curves isn’t a bad thing, but it’s clearly impacting my happiness and health, so I gotta change.

I’m using the tarot to do this. Here are the rules of my Plan.

  1. Exercise every day (I rode a recumbent bike for 11 minutes! That’s huge for me)
  2. No fast food
  3. Drink so much water
  4. Do extra with each card pull of the day
  5. Write a little bit each day.

SO – my card pull of the day was the Knight of Wands. In addition to my bike riding, I also stretched for like 10 minutes, which is something I never do. It felt great. Why do I not do this more often.

The tarot rules are (if you want to follow along at home):

Wands – do one more physical thing

Swords – Read an article about health

Cups – Do something that makes me happy

Pentacles – Meditate

Major Arcana – Figure out which card means what as I go along.

NOW – I’m going to finish a puzzle and catch up on Grey’s Anatomy with my fella. Because I live on the edge.

I do want it noted that I ate an apple today instead of chips. Rawr.