omg so boring omg

omg so boring omg

I have a client who I’ve read for for the last decade or so. Sometimes, our readings last an hour or more than that, while we delve into the ins and outs of his daily routine, family stuff, the kids, etc. 

Sometimes? It’s literally a five minute reading.

“Hey, honey. How are you? Good. How’s your husband? Great. Ok. The cards say that everything is great. Job is good -maybe work a little less? There is an asshole in your office who will be gone in about a month. Suck it up. Yeah? That’s about it.” 

And then we hang up, and the reading is OVER. He is, by far, my most boring client and (I believe these things are related) he is one of the happiest. 

If your life/reading is boring, that means that you know what’s coming tomorrow. No shifts at work, no moving, no partner changes that aren’t wanted. The kids are fine. Everything is just fine. God, what a relief.

I know that a humdrum life isn’t touted as a goal, but we might want to take another look at it as a destination.

xo Lis